Book Review: 請問一下,踩得到底嗎?Excuse Me, Does Your Feet Touch the Bottom?

Age: 2+ with parent, 5+ independent
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請問一下,踩得到底嗎?  Excuse Me, Does Your Feet Touch the Bottom?

This is the story of three animals who forgot their lifesaver in the bus and one even forgot to bring it altogether. As they’re walking down to the beach, they ask each animal they meet if the ocean as too deep and whether their feet can touch the bottom. Each animal said a different thing (because they were all different sizes). Then they proceeded to jump into the ocean only to find it was too deep! At this time a hippo came to the rescue and the three animals have something to step on again which they though was the ocean floor (they were silly animals who didn’t know anything really). In the end, as they were going home, they met a little mouse who asked them “Can your feet touch the bottom?”

This book has English translations in the back and has a CD. I’ve never listened to the CD so I do not know if it follows the words but from this publisher, it seems that they always do.

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