Book Review: 公雞的新鄰居 Chicken’s New Neighbor

Age: 2+ with parent, 5+ independent
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公雞的新鄰居 Chicken’s New Neighbor

This is the story of a Chicken who lived next door to an empty house. Then one day, the house looks like a new neighbor moved in. Excited that he has a new neighbor, he waited to meet the new neighbor daily only to find no one showed up during the day. Then at night, we find that the new neighbor is an Owl! The Owl finds a note from the Chicken and excitedly accepts the Chicken’s invitation for the next day. Chicken prepares for this friend but the Owl never showed up (because it’s during daytime). Then when it’s nighttime, the Chicken finally went out his door to check on his neighbor and at the same time, the Owl was there! They finally realized what happened. From then on, they wrote letters and notes to each other on the bulletin board that’s placed in between their houses. My kids loved this book. It’s cute and whimsical. It’s also super silly.

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