Book Review: 阿黛兒與西蒙美國旅遊記 – Adele and Simon in America , 阿黛兒與西蒙東方歷險記 (China), 阿黛兒與西蒙巴黎放學記 (Paris)

Age: 3+ with parent 6+ independent
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阿黛兒與西蒙美國旅遊記  Adele and Simon in America
阿黛兒與西蒙東方歷險記  Adele and Simon in China (no zhuyin)
阿黛兒與西蒙巴黎放學  Adele and Simon in Paris

I love love love this set of books. It’s the most beautifully drawn classic book I have seen (ok, maybe not MOST but really high up there). It’s about a sister Adele and her brother Simon who travel to different places and Simon loses stuff where ever he goes and you have to find it for him. The illustrations are “super detailed” and it brings you back in the time to each country/city’s historical setting. You’ll see when I flip through how beautiful the illustrations are. I definitely think this one is worthy of being a coffee table book where everyone would love it. Small one loves finding stuff and children who are older can read as the paragraphs could get lengthy.

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