Book Review: Grace 說恆心 – Grace Said Persistence

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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Grace 說恆心  Grade said Persistence

Grace 說專心  Grace said Focus
Grace 說耐心  Grace said Patience

This is the story about persistence and perseverance. I really love this book and I’m glad it’s still in print. I bought this when my daughter was two because I didn’t know how to explain the concept. It’s a translated book and it’s really well done. The whole story will repeat “You can do it!” on every page and I’m sure by the end of it, your child can read those words as mine learned those words from this book! Grace will let you know what persistence is and how not to give up on anything. When things get hard, all you need is a voice in your head that yells “You can do it!”

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