***Chinese Bridge Books Sale (Buy Out of Print Books From Taiwan***


The following books are for sale. Prices are listed in TWD and will be converted by the exchange rate the day the books are purchased from the seller from our contact in Taiwan.

  • Most of these are lower elementary level.
  • The ones that are mid elementary I have marked.
  • To buy, you must join our group at Motherly Notes  or Used Book Group and contact Richard with which ones you want. All books are sold in complete sets.
  • Book condition is almost new. These are the last inventories from manufacturers and some are not perfect. Consider them 90% new. Due to these being “out of print”… they will have been in storage for a little while. Pages are not yellow but definitely not printed yesterday.
  • Prices are about 50% of regular retail.
  • Quantities are limited. If we cannot fulfill your order, we’ll refund you the money after we submit our numbers to the publishers.
  1. 精靈芭克 – 550 TWD for set of four books (1-4)

book sale out of print_1


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2. 七名忍不住的忍者 – 130 TWD (1 book)

book sale out of print_9


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3. 髒小弟 – 800 twd (6 books)

book sale out of print_23


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4. 公園裡的波莉 – 260 TWD (2 books)

book sale out of print_30


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5. 魔力小廚咪露 – 260 TWD  — 2 books

book sale out of print_36


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6. 小孩到波可多 – 260TWD —2 books

book sale out of print_43


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7. SOS 美人魚 – 4 books – 550 TWD (set has 2,4,5,6 so it is missing 1 and 3 but it doesn’t affect the stories)

book sale out of print_50


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8. 洗髮精王子 — 400 TWD (3 books)book sale out of print_17


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9. 鬼靈精雅拉米 – 700 TWD (5 books) — mid elementary level – sorry no previews. They’ll be like Wunderbar below. 29513478_2110425418973615_790192515_o

10. Wunderbar – 9 books 1500 TWD – mid elementary level29633715_2110784362271054_1201286887_o


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11. 泰山 – 1 book (130 TWD)


12. 動植物生態之謎 130TWD — 1 book


13. 精靈 2 books (260 TWD) – sorry, no preview pages for these but they’re like the other above. 29634157_2110434882306002_1371868133_o

14. Bridge book set – sorry no preview. You can search on the web. Not sure what level but looks mid elementary level.  550 TWD29514091_2110425432306947_2133714694_o


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