Book Review: 便便大冒險, 遊樂園大冒險, Poop Adventure, Amusement Park Adventure (Science Books)


Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent (or with parent due to no phonetic assistance)
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探索人體消化排泄與食物分解循環:便便大冒險 – Poop Adventures
探索人體感官與神經傳導:遊樂園大冒險 – Amusement Park Adventures

This is a set of lift the flap books that is EXTREMELY EDUCATIONAL as well as funny. I am kind of in love with this set. I’ll show in the video of what kind of draws they show. They are very very detailed from the human body to how stuff works. For example, they’ll start with what kinds of foods you should eat, how digestions works (large intestine, small intestine), then proceed with how long digestion takes, where it goes, and out it goes into the toilet. The life of your poop after the toilet is also detailed in there and then ends the book with recycling, etc. It is completely educational! That’s the poop book. It’s more than just talking about poop. It’s really talking about the human body and it’s functions.

The second book is about amusement park adventures except it isn’t. Again, it’s about the human body and your five senses. It shows you why you have eye sight, how you control your movements, what controls your movements, etc. It explains how you balance your body and what it entails. This book is just full of scientific knowledge and I was blown away on how they did it! I was laughing throughout the two books because the way they did the illustrations was so straightforward, honest, and also seriously fun! I highly highly recommend this book. Plus it’s lift the flap!!! Who doesn’t love that?? Even I love it!

*** for the time being, they are also sold on Gloria’s Bookstore:




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