Book Review: 幼幼小百科- 動物,食物,常識,健康 – Children’s Encyclopedia of Why (Animals, Common Food, Knowledge, Health)

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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動物-幼幼小百科 – Animals
食物-幼幼小百科  – Food
常識-幼幼小百科  – Common Knowledge
健康-幼幼小百科  – Health

I like this set of books that ask “why” questions. There are 47 questions in each book all science related so they called this set “encyclopedic knowledge” but it’s really random facts and information. I like the way they set it up. They have large print and every page asks a question, proceeds with three answer choices (kind of like a test). Your child guesses the answer and then flips the page to see if they got it right! Then it proceeds to explain the answer further. I really like the set up because my kids spent 40 minutes yesterday just flipping and flipping and using it like the game. They find the answer choices very silly. One of them is why do dogs stick out their tongue during summer and the one of the answer choices is because they want to lick ice cream. My kids were giggling throughout their reading time yesterday and I guess that really made this set really worth it. Plus, it’s cheap!

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