Book Review: 漢字說故事Ⅰ自然篇, 漢字說故事Ⅱ物象篇,漢字說故事Ⅲ人事篇 – Stories Of Chinese Characters Learning Set

Age 2+ with parent, 6+ independent
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漢字說故事Ⅰ自然篇 – Nature
漢字說故事Ⅱ物象篇 – Objects
漢字說故事Ⅲ人事篇 – People

I was hesitant to put the topics of each book on there because truthfully, the words are all from differing categories that “somewhat” fits in those descriptions. Nonetheless, that’s what the books say on the covers so I just did a small translation. This set is great for little kids. It has one word on each page to the left with a drawing of the word and how the word evolved through time! I really like books like these because it helps little kids visualize it. I wish I used something like this when they were two years old but I bought this actually for the descriptions on the right. Even though my kiddos know most of these words, I find the descriptions on the right very helpful. The top section is really for parents to read to explain why the word looks the way it does. The middle section is a note to the kids telling them about the word, some common phrases used and interesting facts. The bottom portion gives you phrases and idioms sometimes to use with that word. I find this set can grow with your child. Teach them to read the characters early on using on the left as guidance and when they are slightly older, give them more of the description and stories behind it and go over the harder phrases!

There are about 50+ characters in each book and I’d say the set covers a little over 170 characters. That’s not bad for kids to start with!

There’s a CD that follows the book WORD FOR WORD! I love cd’s like that and it’s read pretty well. I like this set and I highly recommend it!

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