Book Review: 我的語文小書包 , 我的自然小書包, 我的故事小書包, My Language, Science, Story Backpack Series

Part 1:

Part 2:

Age: 3 – 5 independent
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我的語文小書包 (20本平裝圖畫書+4片CD)  – Language Backpack
我的自然小書包(20本平裝圖畫書+4片CD+2片DVD)  – Science Backpack
我的故事小書包 (20本平裝圖畫書+4片CD)  – Story Backpack

Here are three backpack series. Each backpack set has 20 little books each about 24 pages long. The language backpack has short stories, poems, rhymes and even games that children play. Little hand games or dancing games, etc. It’s a very fun set to have around at home. There’s also CD that accompanies each set and is read verbatim, done well, and engaging for little kids.

The Science Backpack is one that we don’t love as much in the house because I find the content encyclopedic like and a little dry for the ones that talk about plants and animals or bugs. However, they do add in some other fun story filled ones as well as one on how to build a tree house. That one was really enjoyable for my kids. They have a DVD set in there that shows nature and talks about it like it is presented in the books. We haven’t viewed the DVD fully and only briefly. It’s nothing to get out your popcorn for! Still, dry in my opinion but nonetheless, there’s a DVD that goes with the book and materials as well as the CD.

The Story Backpack is very fun and filled with short stories, great for the beginning reader and especially easy to understand for your three year old and they can do this independently while listening to the CDs. There are cute stories inside and it’s probably the one that was most entertaining for my kiddos.

I would recommend this for your kids at an early age and it’s something that’s easy to take along for car rides and travel since it’s light and easy to carry. Are they the MOST interesting and fun stories out there? No, but they are still interesting and cute and great to practice reading! It’s short and easy to follow. A great starter set!

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