Using Heart Attack As a Game to Learn New Chinese Characters 用“心臟病” 的遊戲來認國字

There are many card games that are used in our Facebook group and I decided to use one on a daily basis with my two kiddos. To my surprise, it hasn’t gotten old yet. Many people use the game heart attack differently. For us, I call out the word they’re supposed to slap down on and they collect the flashcards. They like collecting the flashcards. Here’s the trick:

  • Make them read out loud every word as you put it down.
  • Cheat a bit with your kids. Put the word you want them to slap in middle of the pile so they review at least half the pile. Put the words they know least on the top of the pile and so they get to go through it a few times.
  • Sometimes I put the first words on the bottom of the pile so that we go through the pile a full round before they actually get to the word I want them to slap down on.

By the time they finish the game, they would have read through the words at least 7-8 times each. Each game of 16-20 characters takes about 10 minutes. I gave a short snippet of part of the game. This game was played after introducing the words first. The lessons take about 20 minutes and you end up memorizing about 16-20 characters. See that post here: “Build Up” Method to Memorize Characters


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