Book Review: 不一樣的卡梅拉 系列 簡體書(Simplified Books – La Petite Poules Series by Christian Jolibois)

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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不一樣的卡梅拉  La Petite Poules Series by Christian Jolibois

This set has 12 books and it’s a really cute series! It has about 1500-2000 characters in each book but is an easy read for children who has their first few hundred characters. There are versions with pinyin and without. In general, reading with the parents will be required for smaller children and those that know pinyin can read it on their own with ease. Each book takes about 15 minutes to read through and I had to cut the story short (sorry) to accommodate finishing the video without getting cut off.

This set is translated from the French Series La Petite Poules and it has super imaginative stories! The first one introduces you to Carmela and her quest to discover the world/sea. She ventures out to sea, gets lost at sea and gets picked up by some crew ships that threatened to eat her. She proceeds to promise to lay an egg each day for the captain’s breakfast which saves her life. As they cruised to another island, she found a crew of red chickens and fell in love with one of them. That red chicken loved her so much, he sailed back with her to her own island later and then they had their own little chick (who also has a rebellious nature and this time he suggested that he wanted to touch a star). The next book in the series talks about how he found a star to touch! Alien chickens came down to Earth and gave him a piece of star. Super imaginative and cute series!

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