Book Review: 我和別人不一樣也很棒! It’s Okay to be Different!

Age 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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我和別人不一樣也很棒! It’s Okay to be Different! 

This is a book on self imagery. The boy starts by wondering if he had grown antlers, what would he do? What if there’s something different with you? How do you deal with it? Will you hide it? Will you cry? Get mad? Will you use it to your advantage? It goes through all the thoughts of a child’s mind if something they had was different. It has cute illustrations and simple words and I think kids can relate. The end of the book asks the child the question of what they would do if they grew antlers. It leaves with an open ended question for you to discuss with your children. I like the illustrations and the meanings in the book. Every child has that one or two things that are so different from other children and this is one way of looking at it. The robot book is also one of self imagery that I love but it’s for the older children to understand: Book Review: 這是蘋果嗎?也許是喔,爺爺的天堂筆記本, 做一個機器人,假裝是我, Apple, Heaven, Robot

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