Book Review: 螢火蟲 無奇不有的魔法學校 – Firefly Book Set: Magic School

Age: 7+ independent

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This is a set of bridge books for first graders. It’s a set of 12 books based on funny stories. The stories are all written by well known authors and the words are big. Books are typically about 3000 characters? That’s my rough estimate. It takes about 30 minutes for my daughters to finish reading on their own. We like it for the silly stories. The one I have on the video is about 39 alligators who invaded a fox family’s land. They demand that they are fed everyday. Fox mommy thought of a plan and she happily cooked for the alligators everyday but she only cooked sweets! After a while, all of them have cavities and demanded their teeth be plucked out to save them from the pain. In the end, no alligators had any teeth!

At the end of each book, there are activities and exercises for the child like what is the main point of the story? What are your thoughts on the story and fill in the blanks exercises which I found really educational. It kind of tests them to see if they were reading the story correctly or if they understood the story. I really like this set and I recommend it!

firefly magic school_1firefly magic school_2firefly magic school_3firefly magic school_4firefly magic school_5firefly magic school_6


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