Book Review: 螢火蟲 美德易開罐 – Firefly Book Set: Morals

Age: 8+

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This is a set of bridge books that I think is relevant for second grade and up not because the words are hard (because they’re not) but because of the concepts that are taught. This who set is about being a good person with good morals. Each book has a topic. The first one is about respect that I read a little from the video. It’s about a girl who gives people nick names, frequently rude to others and doesn’t realize it until she embarrasses herself. In the end, she realizes every single thing she’s done wrong. It’s told in a first person’s perspective and I really enjoyed skimming through it. It’s written so that children can relate to her feelings.

In the back of each book is also a section (known to this publisher) that asks you about the story’s main point, topics to discuss, main character questions, self evaluation questions, and even practice for writing essays of your own in first person perspective. It’s very educational and so I like it. Definitely a good set to have!

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