Book Review: 二十一世紀人格養成繪本系列 – 21st Century Personality Development Series

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent

This is a set of 12 books with CDs in each book. It’s goal is to develop a better personality and gives topics on how to make the right choices, how to be happy, how to respect others, and all the way to where Christmas came from (weird to put in a personality set). It’s not the most “exciting” set or most educational. There’s no funny story or anything but rather, just nice stories and with nice illustrations. One of them is about a family of moles in the winter going winter sledding for the first time for the kids. The kids went sledding and had fun. That was the entire story and was supposed to go with the topic of how to entertain yourself. Not much excitement but it did have cute illustrations and could be more entertaining for a 3 year old rather than a 5 year old. Wording is simple and stories are short. CDs do not match the text on the book but is well done and can be listened to in the car, etc.

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