Book Review: 屁屁偵探繪本(1-5冊) Butt Detective Picture Book Series (6th one: 屁屁偵探 噗噗!有兩個屁屁偵探?!)

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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屁屁偵探繪本(1-5冊)  – Butt Detective Picture Books 1-5

屁屁偵探 噗噗!有兩個屁屁偵探?!  – 6th book (NEW) – 2 Butt Detectives?


Who doesn’t like butt face? Come on! It’s a butt as a face! He’s a detective who solves cases and always farts in the bad guy’s face to defeat them! Who doesn’t like that? Gets a laugh from my kids every time. The book is full of clues cases. Each clue leads to another page where you have to “find” something or do a maze to go somewhere. It’s very fun for little kids to do the mazes. The detective is very appropriate and other than the butt as a face, does not say anything rude or exhibit inappropriate behavior. He uses his farts to do “good”… so I guess that was okay for me. I like the colors in the book and I like the drawings in the book as well.

Please note there is no phonetic assistance so you need to be native to read it to your kiddos! However, this is a very fun set and I highly recommend it. There’s a SIXTH book coming out this month! Yay!


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