Book Review: 屁屁偵探讀本 (1-3) Butt Detective Bridge Book Series

Age: 6+ Independent
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屁屁偵探讀本 (1-2)  – Butt Detective Books 1-2
黑影竊盜團入侵  – Butt Detective Book 3

This is a set of bridge books for lower elementary grades in Taiwan. It has some harder terms but coupled by really really really colorful photos and makes reading fun for the kids. Again, WHO DOESN’T LIKE BUTT FACED DETECTIVE???? The books have zhuyin phonetic assistance. However, given that, I think that the terms inside are not as commonly used in everyday language so for kids in the states, you’ll need to introduce some new terms for the kids. After the first book, they wouldn’t have an issue because the terms are repeated. Terms for clues, detectives, and more formal speech is all introduced in the first book. Second and third books will be a breezier read.

In each book, there’s a case for the butt detective to solve. The first book talks about some crook trying to steal a family’s treasure hidden underneath their farm lands. Only later to find it’s only the secret to planting better potatoes. The book is filled with clues for the next pages and mazes that you have to solve. The mazes are harder than the ones in the picture book series Book Review: 屁屁偵探繪本(1-5冊) Butt Detective Picture Book Series (6th one: 屁屁偵探 噗噗!有兩個屁屁偵探?!). This is a good next set to have for the kids to read.

As with all butt faced detective stories, the ending always has him farting in the bad guy’s face to defeat them. Ha! My kids still laugh every time. The pictures are pretty in there. The use of colors are vivid. Even though there’s a “butt” as a face, it’s all healthy concepts and nothing that should make your kid have bad habits. If anything, the butt detective uses his butt face for good.

I still don’t understand how he “eats” with a butt face, but that’s for kids to imagine!

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