Book Review: 翻一翻‧懂更多 系列套書 Lift the Flap Usborne Series (Rain, Flowers, Babies)


Age: 3+ with parent, 4+ independent (if you can read zhuyin)
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翻一翻‧懂更多 系列套書 Usborne Lift-The-Flap Series in Chinese   (all 3)
天空為什麼會下雨?:翻一翻‧懂更多 Usborne Why Does It Rain? 
植物為什麼要開花?:翻一翻 懂更多 Usborne Why Do Flowers Grow? 
寶寶從哪裡來?:翻一翻‧懂更多 – Usborne Where Do Babies Come From? 

This is a series from Usborne translated into Chinese. It’s rated for under 4 years old in the states but I think even older kids would enjoy this set. Who doesn’t like pretty pictures and lift the flaps??? It’s FLAPS!!! A billion of them inside each book! They’re all questions that children love to ask. Why does it rain? Where do babies come from? What do cat babies do? How many babies can you have? Why do flowers grow? When you lift the flap, there’s always an explanation and these are easy explanations to harder questions. My kids love these and if they can read zhuyin (phonetic assistance), then they can understand this on their own EXCEPT a few concepts in there that may need further explanation. I always recommend Usborne books because of the wealth of information and how beautiful their books look as well as the quality.

I do find it weird that their books are outsourced to different publishers in Taiwan. I’ll be posting some of their See Inside series at a later date. In the meanwhile, if you can find these, get them! They are worth it!

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