Book Review: 大偵探奈特系列1-6 Nate the Great Detective Series


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大偵探奈特系列 1-3  – Nate the Great Books 1-3 (消失的圖畫 Nate the Great, 夜間任務 Goes Undercover, 遺失的清單 The Lost List)
大偵探奈特系列 4-6  Nate the Great Books 4-6 (恐龍郵票 the Sticky Case, 消失的鑰匙 Missing Key, 雪地奇案 Snowy Trail)

This is a set of bridge books. The language is “simple” and it’s good for first through third grade. It’s about a boy detective that solves a case per book. It’s less than a thirty minute read if you’re fluent for kids and a 15 minute read for adults. I’m guessing not more than 3000 characters a book. The language and phrasing is very easy and is based on a translated set. The English version is in the back of the book with references to the page numbers to the Chinese so you can get the translated English text in the back (or should I say original text).

The first book as I read in the video is about Nate loving pancakes, eating breakfast and gets a call from his friend Annie who lost her painting. He proceeds to go over and help her find her painting of her dog. They investigated her room and he found she loves the color yellow. She also painted her dog yellow as well. They investigated the last people or animal who could be suspects of the missing painting. The first one was the dog and they dug up the back yard to see if the dog would have put the painting underground. Nope. The second was their friend who has a cat. Didn’t find the painting there either. The last was Harry (Annie’s brother) who loved to paint everything “red”… then Nate figured out the case. The brother took her dog drawing and painted a 3 headed monster over her yellow drawing and made it into an orange drawing before the paint dried. Case solved.

This set is great for practice reading and the story isn’t too boring either. There’s still suspense and come clues to keep the story going. Is it a jump out of your seats sort of book? Nope. However, still entertaining enough for the kids to read through!



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