Book Review: 新小小牛頓 高幼版 + 南門書局寄到美國 unboxing of Nanmen Bookstore Package

Age: 5+

So I finally got my magazines!!!! These are one step harder than 小幼 version of the magazines and they are all science related!!! YES!!! I have a lot that includes stories coupled in with science but these are all about science topics and they have workbooks along with game items with each magazine. The best part? The DVD!!!! I just opened up the DVD and popped one in and found them to coincide with the topics in each magazine. Truly amazing and very well done. If you search 新小小牛頓 高幼版 in youtube, you’ll find some samples as well and I really love them. They’re engaging and follow even the pictures inside the magazines!

The paper material on these magazines are superb. For the money, it was a no brainer. These are out of print and I bought them from Nanmen Bookstore in Taiwan and had them ship but now Gloria’s Bookstore online sells these for a limited time (it’s now April 2018).

Everything in the magazine has 注音 zhuyin phonetic assistance and I was hoping for a little less but I guess that’s good as well since the kids won’t be needing me if they cannot read something.

There’s a CD that also comes with the set that you can listen to in the car. Does not follow the magazine words verbatim because they wanted to make it more interesting to listen to. It is however, very well done and easy to listen to.

There are 7 parts to each magazine. A main topic, something surprising, nature related, an experiment, a comic styled story but still science topic related story, something about earth, and a nice fact to know (such as apples oxidize when you cut it and it’s exposed to air). They are very educational and I highly recommend this for your soon to be first grader to read on their own or with parent!



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