Book Review: 小小地球人 Little Earth 36 Book Set

Age: 5-10

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I want to mention that I said this is for age five and up because I feel that children can still benefit from looking at the photos and absorb a lot of science related information from this set. However, the information in this set of books is REALLY DETAILED!!!! It involves so much information from recycling to how to pay for food with what kind of credit cards or even what temperature to keep your fridge, what foods have preservatives, which foods cause cancer, what are the difference between different types of lenses used in glasses, what are the steps to building a house and it goes into a LOT A LOT OF DETAIL!!! It can be for a solid third to fourth grade level science. Little kids (like my four year old) still benefit due to the vivid pictures and colors and my little one did pick up on the different types of holes there are in the world and what they’re used for and the different types of lenses, etc. My older one (age five) also learned a lot today. To understand “everything” though, it really could go up to …. my age. I even learned just from flipping through today. This is a very educational set.

It comes with a reading pen that reads literally “everything” and it goes verbatim. The stuff that doesn’t have words, they utilize different voices for the different characters. Everything is very well thought out. There are even questions and answers on some pages to test your knowledge or games you can play with the pen to test your knowledge. My other favorite part is all the FLAPS in the books!!! Kids love flaps and I’ll admit, I love flaps too. There’s always a nice surprise under the flaps and again, tons and tons of information.

Topics of the books are just a general guideline. If it says glasses, it goes from lenses all the way to how animals see, what the people did in the past, etc. It’s everything to do with glasses! Anything RELATED to glasses, and anything that even MENTIONS glasses!!!! It covers a very broad spectrum of information that relates to glasses!

There are 36 books and the list of topics are:

1. 蛋 – eggs
2. 車 – cars
3. 房子 – houses
4. 巧克力 – chocolate
5. 時鐘 – clocks
6. 水 – water
7. 木頭 – wood
8. 蘋果 – apple
9. 牛奶 – milk
10. 衣服 – clothes
11. 寶藏 – treasure
12. 馬桶 – toilets
13. 機器人 – robots
14. 鏡子 – mirrors
15. 船 – boats
16. 星星 – stars
17. 鞋子 – shoes
18. 火 – fire
19. 筆 – pens
20. 米 – rice
21. 月曆 – calendar
22. 電 – electricity
23. 帽子 – hats
24. 石油 – oil
25. 土 – dirt/earth
26. 眼睛 – eyes
27. 飛機 – airplanes
28. 餐廳 – restaurants
29. 電話 – telephone
30. 糖 – sugar
31. 地圖 – maps
32. 光 – light
33. 戰爭 – wars
34. 洞 – holes
35. 玩具 – toys
36. 寵物 – pets

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