Book Review: Magic Math Stories Set 數學故事魔法盒

Age: 2-5
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數學故事魔法盒  Magic Math Stories Set

This is a cute set of 8 books with CD. Note that the CDs do not follow the book. If you are native, then I think the math inside is really fit for kids under five but the reading could be for kids to read independently at around five years old. Depending on what you’re using this set for, you may buy it for different reasons. The stories are very cute but the math is very easy. If you’re the one reading it (native family) and they listen, then I think you can start as soon as they’re only two years old. My children learned all their shapes and colors before two and so I think reading to them at that time and having them find the shapes in the books would have been very fun.

The math does get a bit harder so it can grow with your child from two to five. I showed on the second video of the book with harder math where two witches have magical jars where you input 1 apple and out comes 2 or you put in 2 apples and out comes 4 so you kind of have to find a pattern with it. That’s slightly harder than just simply following circles and triangles to get through a maze.

The set of books utilizes stories along with math to teach shapes, counting, spot differences, guess how many, etc. The stories are fun and well written, the text font is large and it all comes with zhuyin (phonetic assistance). The CD is well done but doesn’t follow the words verbatim. It would be great for those long car rides, etc.

The first video shows a story of a boy who is nervous going to bed due to his soccer game the next day. As he was counting sheet, he met a broom monster. The broom monster goes on a journey and the boy comes along where he finds monster city underneath burial grounds. There, he met many other very cute monsters. They became friends and eventually those monsters even came to watch him play soccer the next day. The monsters are not scary at all. If anything, they are super duper cute! I really love the illustrations in this set. It’s out of print in some places but you can still find these being sold in smaller shops.

2 responses to “Book Review: Magic Math Stories Set 數學故事魔法盒”

  1. Can the pages be read only a few at a time? Can you skip around pages? It looks like it’s somewhere between a storybook and a workbook, but it looks like a lot of pages to “problem solve” and read through for even a 3 yo?


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