Book Review: 直映认字教材 Picture Guided 1500 Character Learning Set (Simplified,简体)

Age: 2+

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This is a very very affordable set and teaches a lot of characters. It has 6 books with 11-13 lessons in there and for each lesson there are “black” characters and “red” characters. Red characters are for the kids to learn and the black is for the parent to read with their children. This set is definitely for the native family because it’s meant to be read together with the parent. Although it says you learn 1500 characters by the end of the curriculum, I feel it’s more close to 2000 because children are still exposed to the black characters!

For each red character, the best part is the included flashcards!!!!! Pre-made flashcards are ready for you to cut and use. The material isn’t terribly thick. It’s glossy at around slightly less than a card stock feel so for those with young children, watch out, you may want to laminate these!

The flashcards are to die for. They have the character only on one side in 5 different “fonts” so children will recognize it in many different fonts and the other side has pictures as mnemonic devices!!! It’s great for those 2-3 year old children to start with the flashcards! They can move on to text later when their comprehension is better.

The lessons get progressively long and as I show on the video, it becomes and entire ESSAY!

I would use this set AFTER 4,5 Quick Read: Book Review: 四五快读: 4,5 Quick Read (简体书, Simplified).


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