Book Review: 冰箱放暑假 Refrigerator Takes a Summer Vacation

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Age: 6+ Independent

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冰箱放暑假 Refrigerator Takes a Summer Vacation 

This is a book about a refrigerator who decided not to be cold because it’s summer and it wants to take a vacation. The family was surprised to see a refrigerator come to life and ASK to be taken to a swimming pool to cool off and take a swim for summer. The family took the refrigerator (who grew legs and arms) to a pool where they sneaked in without getting permission and they took a swim. The child of the family made friends with the refrigerator and so did the family. At the pool, a bully pushed the child into the pool and the refrigerator swallowed the bully up. The child then realizes he could swim (after being forcefully pushed into the pool by the bully). They all go home after a day at the pool only to find the fridge needed more rest because she was sun burned from the day. She rested 3 days, had a fun time with family where they discovered that it also sleep talks, and went back to being a normal fridge. The child of the family however, knows that the fridge has a “tail” and the fridge can come to life again if you just pull on that tail but shhh, that’s a secret.

This is a good bridge book with less than 3000 characters and children can be done reading it in roughly 20 or so minutes. The character font is large in size and phrases chosen is easy to understand. I’ve made some worksheets that go along with this book that’s available for download in our Facebook Group.

This book is part of the Ferris Wheel Series first box: Book Review: 故事摩天輪系列 Ferris Wheel Bridge Book Series

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