Book Review: 南瓜弟弟忘東西,南瓜弟弟去遠足 Pumpkin Forgets His Stuff, Pumpkin Goes Hiking

Age: 6+ Independent
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南瓜弟弟去遠足  Pumpkin Goes Hiking
南瓜弟弟忘東西  Pumpkin Forgets His Stuff

This is a set for lower elementary students to read. It’s very much a first grader type of book. The book I read in the video is about how pumpkin forgets to bring his stuff to school and then some kids laugh at him and calls him stupid for forgetting. He felt embarrassed and decided to run home to get his gym clothes before the teacher can scold him again. He ran home only to find his clothes were dripping wet. This didn’t stop him. He took it and ran back to school and along the way, fell and scraped his knees. Not giving up, he still got there in time only to have some bullies throw a ball at his head and then snatch his gym clothes from his hands. They threw his clothes around like a game. At this time, his friends came to the rescue and got his gym clothes back. They circled around so he can change and then finally worked together to get him to gym class on time without being scolded by the teacher.

My daughter read both of these books in one sitting and was really entertained because it is half a comic style type of book. It was an effortless read because the characters in the comic bubbles were simple enough to not need any help from me while reading. Because it was in comic format, they were able to portray his embarrassment and feelings a bit better with all the illustrations and the text on each page seemed to flow a bit faster. On average, there were only 4-5 lines a page. Made for a quick less than 20 minute read. She did take more time to just look at the illustrations because they are “so cute.”

Please note: text portion has zhuyin 注音, and the comic portion does not. This could be used for independent reading if you know more than 600-700 characters already. If not, then mom and dad could read the comic portion while the child can read the text portion. It’s a great selection for cooperative reading!

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