Book Review: 啊!睡覺的時候最幸福 Oh! The Joy of Sleeping

Age: 5+ independent
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啊!睡覺的時候最幸福  Oh the Joy of Sleeping!

Although the book is labeled for lower elementary, I think an avid kindergartner can read this just fine. It has very very few words on a page and the words repeat! It’s about a sloth who “sleeps” and wants to sleep in different places so it’s the adventures he took with the slow turtle to find better “sleep”… they are “slowwwww.” This whole book is just plain, CUTE. There’s no lesson learned or anything other than it’s very cute and entertaining. My kids were smiling and laughing through the whole thing. It’s a very very very fast read. Since it’s a fun book, it’s worth mentioning as a recommendation for sure. Words are easy and repetitive. Drawings are very simple but with punch. We loved this book!

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