Book Review: 愛挖耳朵的國王 Ear Picking King

Age: 4+ with parent, 6+ independent
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愛挖耳朵的國王 The Ear Picking King

This book is part of the Ferris Wheel Collection Book Review: 故事摩天輪系列 Ferris Wheel Bridge Book Series. It belongs in the lower elementary reading bracket with about roughly 3000-5000 characters. Characters are large and easy to read with a good flow. The story line is very silly.

The book is about a King with a beautiful ear picker that has jewels on the end. He loves to pick everyone’s ears. The more wax he gets, the happier he gets. He’s picked everyone’s ears in the palace and he gives them jewels in return. However, as the time passed, everyone’s ears became too clean. Clean to the point where you can look through one ear and see out the other. You can even stick the ear picker right through.

It’s come to a point where the king would speak to his servants and they cannot remember what he had said (because it goes out the other ear too quickly). Even asking the servant to cover the other ear doesn’t work as the words still quickly escape as the hand loosens.

One day his servant couldn’t remember what the king wants to wear and after numerous tries, brings the king a cat instead of a white long robe. The cat has lots of wax still yet to be picked! The king, being excited of the new finding, chases the cat around until the cat jumped out the window and so did the king. The king fell hard and was very hurt. He yelled for help and although servants heard him, they always forgot why they went towards the cries as they were walking (due to zero ear wax). Then finally the gardener saw the king and saved the king.

The king had to stay in bed for an entire month and after that month, everyone’s ears has built up wax again. They built up so much, they needed help picking the wax and they all went to the king. The king helped but this time… he had restrained himself from picking too much.

From then on, they all lived happily ever after. There, a whole story about picking your ears. Cheers!

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