Reading Pen Review: C-Pen 2.0 點讀筆, Listening and Reading Tool for Kids



Introduction Video:

I’ve used a lot of pens and this one I’m quite happy with! There are many functions of this pen:

  1. It can record your voice so you can read books to your children without you even being there! Whoo hoo.
  2. You can input MP3 files in there! Great for language learners so you can load in the right accent for your children!
  3. There are 4200 single colored stickers and 880 four-colored stickers in there  (Over 5000 stickers).
  4. Your child can record themselves reading or singing I suppose.
  5. It comes with a set to teach zhuyin, alphabet, and phonics with short vowel sounds.
  6. You have an mp3 player option in a booklet form for kids to input their favorite music or even notes to jot down for themselves.
  7. We use it for………. MUSIC!!!!! We record the teacher playing a line and stick it in the music book so when my child plays, she’ll match it to the teachers and see if she did it right. We also record my child playing music and recording it and sticking it in her book. It’s just fun for them this way. Not that it’s necessary but it’s a nice feature.
  8. My children used them to pass voice messages to each other. I found they stuck these next to each other’s beds and gave each other voicemails ranging from weird breathing noises, weird alien noises, to “妹妹吃飯不要張開嘴吧” (please close your mouth when you chew on your food) to “姊姊放屁要說,要不然很臭” (please tell me when you farted because it’ll smell) ~ I’m speechless to what weirdness they pass to each other but at least it’s a good tool to pass messages they don’t want to say to each other’s faces!
  9. There’s really no limit to how you use these…

Things I like:

  1. It’s light and easy to hold.
  2. It doesn’t roll.
  3. It has 3 types of stickers and over 5000 stickers combined and over 100 picture books you can record stories to (yes, probably still not enough for us crazy moms but still, it’s already a lot).
  4. It’s speakers are loud and clear.
  5. The mic is of good quality and records your voice very clearly.
  6. The zhuyin cards it comes with are quite informative and complete for learning zhuyin.
  7. Stickers are reusable, will not hurt your pages of your books. Easily removed.

Stuff I don’t like:

  1. I’m picky and I don’t love li-ion batteries. I’d rather have regular batteries. I know most of you disagree but regular batteries are easier when I travel. I don’t need to worry about recharging. I can pop in an extra set of batteries and my child can go on listening to her stuff without having to wait for her pen to be charged.
  2. Cost – reading pens are cheaper in China. I know I know, you guys will say you get what you pay for, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to pay about $100 a pen!

I will introduce a couple functions of the pen down below:

Single Sticker Recording: This is when you have a book you’d like to read, I demonstrate how you’d record your voice onto the sticker. In addition, I demonstrate how you can combine ALL recordings into one for a combined one file play if you ever want to hear the story without having to tap on each sticker together.


Inputting Your Own MP3: This function is great when you’re learning Chinese or any other language. You can input the MP3 or WAV files that you already have on CD and put it on the pen so your child can listen to the correct pronunciation of the words:


Using Four Colored Stickers to Record: Here, I show how you could use it for flashcards so you can actually have the child self learn flashcards without you present! You can record different things for the different colors on the stickers. Pretty neat!


Childproof Recordings: What does this mean? Other reading pens have one recording button you share with your child. Well, the issue comes when they KEEP RECORDING OVER YOUR VOICE!!! All the hard work and afternoon you used to record that file, well, it’s gone when they click record. However, C-Pen 2.0 has these need cards. Assign your child a letter and they only record in their own letter folder. Voila! No more recordings over yours!

Children’s Self Recording Feature Example: Kids can record on their own. I show in here my four year old using this … Even though we have many recording pens, she still gets a kick out of hearing her own recordings. It’s a great way for them to read more since they love hearing their own voices.


Zhuyin (注音) Cards: These are so neat. I’ve never seen anything as interactive as this for learning the phonetic sounds! Yikes! This is so perfect! They have cards for beginning sounds, ending sounds and blends! Every possible variation, games, self testing features and just random play to hear what it would sound like while you’re reading and can’t sound out a word! I wish I had these when I was teaching my kids but they just came out with these the past month…


English Phonics Materials: Since this was made in Taiwan really for language learning, they have some phonics materials. First set is for letter sounds and the second is for short vowels and word families. Reminds me of leapfrog. They’re small and easy to carry.


Company Website:

Other Similar Options:

By the way, there’s also Kidsread which is the EXACT same pen but different looking stickers. I’m not sure if they’ll come out with multi colored stickers later on this year but for right now, they don’t have that yet. I also don’t think they have the zhuyin card. However, if your kiddos are into cartoon looking stickers, then you may want to look at that brand. However, they don’t have the ABCD cards to prevent kids from recording over your voice.


6 responses to “Reading Pen Review: C-Pen 2.0 點讀筆, Listening and Reading Tool for Kids”

  1. Hello, I love your website, since I’ve been consider whether to buy C-pen or Kidsread. Would you be able to do a comparison between the two?


    • The difference is in their stickers. Kidsread stickers are huge and round with animal characters. Of your kid is older, I would use Cpen. Also cpen has a function to prevent kids from recording over your own recording. That option is kind of nice. The other major difference is in the materials. Cpen is focused on harder materials in Chinese as well as English as with kidsread is only introductory English and Chinese and Japanese….There are other differences but those are the major ones….


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