Book Review: Book Review: 可愛(的)貓熊, 小寶寶翻翻書, 爸爸,媽媽,這是我家, Cute Panda, Baby’s Flip Book Set, Daddy, Mommy, Happy Home

Age: 0-3

Where to Purchase:

可愛(的)貓熊 – 風車出版 – sorry, couldn’t find a link in
小寶寶翻翻書 – Baby’s Flip Book Set
爸爸- Daddy
媽媽 – Mommy – same author as Daddy but about mom (not on video)
這是我家 –  (Happy House)

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I wanted to introduce some of the baby books that we liked and here are some. The first one is a cute panda book with easy language about a panda and what he likes to eat and play and how he loves his mommy. Second one is a set of lift the flap books (no zhuyin) but with easy words and got my kiddos started in reading characters. Third book is about Daddy and everything that Daddy does in a day. Kids liked it a lot for some reason. There’s a Mommy book but I don’t have it but I listed it up there just in case someone wants the Mommy book. Fourth book is about a girl who draws her happy house like Harold’s Crayon sort of gist but it’s from a Japanese author and my kids enjoyed it.

This group of books is for kids 0-3 and nothing more because the stories (if you’d even call them stories) are simple and easy to understand. These are some of the ones that we kept because my kids liked them so they have a special place at home. Cheers!

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