My 灶 – My Kitchen – Traditional Taiwan Cuisine


Stars: 5/5

大姊請客一向瘋狂,才幾個人點了一桌的菜,哈! 米其林推薦的傳統台菜。只能說,想吃傳統台菜,就來這裡。有名的是他們的滷肉飯。他們的烘蛋加上鮮蚵仔非常好吃。小朋友一口接一口。最後的古早味刨冰實在是香得不得了。點了太多,自己下面看看。其實點什麼都好吃。 困難的就是訂位而已。好險姊都訂好了。 想來的朋友,最要預約哦!

This is a traditional Taiwanese restaurant and recommended by the Michelin guide. Their Taiwanese stewed pork rice is pretty famous but otherwise, all the dishes have been great and traditional. The shaved ice at the end is a must because the way they did their brown sugar sauce is … phenomenal! One thing to note is that you should do reservations for sure since it’s hard to get a spot. My sister did the reservation so we were lucky to get in. She also likes to order… a TON …


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