Mollie’s Bookstore 茉莉二手書局

You can find their store locations here. I went to both NTU and also the underground one. The NTU location was much much bigger. The kids section was about two whole walls and it was … overwhelming… LOL!

They had everything from picture books to chapter books and their selection of “manga” was really really really really really impressive!!!

I always go at night so I didn’t have much time to pick out a lot but will visit again in a week or so to spend some more time there. Here are some photos.

Things to note:

  1. They have a sale section where it’s just 40 TWD a book or 4 for 100.
  2. If you join member, you get 15% off.
  3. If you buy more than 5000 TWD, you get 20% off.
  4. They ship to any taiwan address for 70 TWD a box which usually can take about 20-30 pounds? I highly suggest shipping it to your hotel or where you’re staying. These are so heavy. I would not want to lug them around.

Happy Shopping!

Mollie’s Store Link

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