Guest House 請客樓 – Michelin 2 Star Restaurant

This Michelin two star restaurant is easier to book than Tairroir or RAW. It’s been around and is on top of the Sheraton. It’s rather busy for lunch when we went and had a more traditional vibe. Dishes were traditional but with a nice touch. For example, their tofu dish was super delicate (in the header picture above). They sliced up the tofu really really thin and the kids loved the delicate taste of the dish. Don’t be too harsh when you lift it… it’s super tender tofu!

All the dishes here are traditional but done very nicely. There’s a dish called 悄悄話 that’s made from different parts of a pig that’s sliced very thin that the kiddos loved and we had to order two dishes. The rice ball dessert was just okay but the red bean paste grilled 餅 was super good. Every dish was very very very well done and if you want a no bullshit traditional Chinese flavor done right… here’s a place where you can get a mixture of everything.

Guest House Restaurant Link


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