RAW Taipei – Michelin One Star Restaurant

This is a Michelin one star restaurant that combines French bistro with a Taiwan flare. This was a nine course meal and it was heavenly. The decor was very earthy when you enter and you can smell the wood decoration as you walked through the entire restaurant. Dishes are seasonal of course and set by the chef Andre Chiang. A few things to note:

  1. Make your reservation at least 3 months ahead.
  2. Make your reservation at least 3 months ahead.
  3. Make your reservation at least 3 months ahead….
  4. Please order their juices (that’s not part of the set menu) as they have fruit juice infused boba (layered inside other fruit juices) that explodes in your mouth when you bite into it.
  5. Order their wine or bubbles. They all go well with their set cuisine for the day.

Menu pictures are below. Can’t read it or don’t know what’s going on? Read across. Each line across is a dish and their featured ingredient. Menus are in both Chinese and English. There’s a personal “drawer” next to you with your own million sets of knives and forks and spoons and your own paper towel.

Casual wear is fine here but we also see full flowy gowns. Whatever you’re comfortable in. I may not walk in with a swimsuit but a normal business casual or even less than that seemed to be okay as well.

raw ice cream

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