Baking in Taiwan – JMI Cookies

There’s a lot of baking in Taiwan. I think kids and moms love to have classes together here in general. We found a place that actually did the cookies for a “soap opera”… ha ha ha. The space is small but their baked goods are really cute. Handmade mochi is what we made with a mango cream filling. Kids loved to shape the cream filled mochi, make the ears and the bow and draw on the eyes… The class was two hours and 1600 TWD per each set of parent and child. If you have one parent with two children, I believe it’s an extra 600 per child to share and get some more materials….. We did two parents and two children and paid 3100 TWD for 2 hours and took home 16 very flavorful mochi’s. The last photo on the page shows other options of stuff to make.

There are a lot a lot of options for baking classes so you don’t need to find this studio. There’s another one that’s called Kidchen that I think is more for “kids” to do on their own that’s a lot simpler. This one in particular is more for parent/child and done all in Chinese. KidChen I believe is more or less English but then they are more fun for kiddos. There’s a nice website that goes over many activities for stuff to do with kids in Taiwan.

Website with many kids activities:

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