Mall Crafts in Taiwan

I used to take home art that looked like a crap when my kids were like two. Then I took home semi looking crap when they hit 3/4. Now I’m okay taking home average looking passing for a well done project by a kid sorta thing once in a while from school. Taiwan makes it so that if you spent the money, you’re kid is making a great looking item to take home. You can buy a package with points where it comes out to about 260 TWD a point or like pay full retail of 500 a point and pieces start at about 1 point all the way to like as many points as possible. Simple one items pieces down below were only one point with the top project at about 7 points and taking about an hour. There’s a teacher that teaches you the whole way through to make sure you’re doing everything right and that you don’t spend a lot of money taking home “a piece of crap”…. lol…

These places are at Sogo, Eslite Mall, basically the large malls all would have a kids craft area. The good part is that you don’t need to help your child. The people there help them 1-1 and you can just watch, sip some coffee and enjoy…


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