Julia Music School 朱莉亞音樂藝術中心



Who said you have to give up practicing your instrument while you’re in vacation? We found this music school with over 80 teachers! They do strings and piano and fits us perfectly. You can even borrow their piano rooms to practice for free if you’re a student. They match you up with teachers of all levels. If you don’t like a teacher, they switch them out for you. You can do a few lessons or a bunch a week. It’s super flexible. It’s a great option when you’re vacationing and still want your kiddo to practice music! They were so flexible. They were able to give us 30 minutes of piano and 30 minutes of violin and swap the teachers for my girls so that we’re there only for an hour and have both instruments covered. You can check out their different locations. The 80 teachers is for ONE location only!


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