Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳

So usually my expression shows a disgusted look when I walk into something that’s way too cute. Before kids and marriage, people would have to strangle me to go to a place like this. Let’s just say… having kids changed me and now I actually scope out these places so that my kids would get all excited. Sigh, now I’m a sucker for this stuff… LOL.

This cafe… food is about a 7 out of 10 but let’s face it. You’re not there for the food. I mean, you’re there for the “food” that looks like the bear but you’re not there to pig out… kids wanted to eat the ears and eyes and whatever (sounds crazy when you say it but it sounds cute when they say it). So here you go… crazy cafe!

Please note that you MUST make a reservation before you go or else you may end up waiting for a while..

They have stuff for sale in there. Toddler plates and bowls are given and are shown below. Their drinks and desserts are much better tasting than their meal but their meal wasn’t bad. It was very acceptable. You can pre purchase items when you book the cafe. If you have a birthday, they give you a special bear pillow to hug while you’re there… there’s a minimum of 200 TWD spending minimum for each guest over 6 years of age…


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