Book Review: 喬治系列 Curious George Collection

Age: 3+ with parent, 6+ independent (with zhuyin)

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好奇猴喬治 – Curious George 
好奇猴喬治上醫院 Curious George Goes to the Hospital
好奇猴喬治放風箏 – Curious George Flies a Kite 
好奇猴喬治得獎牌 – Curious George Gets a Medal 
好奇猴喬治騎腳踏車 – Curious George Rides a Bike 
好奇猴喬治去工作 – Curious George Takes a Job 

I bought this set on accident while in Taiwan. I’m a sucker for classics and especially when we’ve read through the English ones. In terms of the Chinese, it’s actually a long book to read for a child on their own and I really would classify this as a bridge book because it’s got the longer paragraphs, easy to read sentences and really could be done independently if you knew zhuyin. The stories are … pretty self explanatory since we all know them in English. They are quite well translated and the language is kept simple for children to read on their own. For practice reading, I give it a go! For smaller children it’s definitely a great bedtime book for the parent to read to the child and I do believe starting at three years old, they’ll start to understand what is happening. Although it’s about a naughty monkey, it’s a classic that’s loved over the generations. It’s great to have in the collection. I also like how it’s soft cover so it doesn’t take up much space! Hurrah!!!

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