Book Review:刷牙小小兵勇闖蛀牙王國 & 把飯吃光光好棒!Tooth Kingdom Invasion, Finish Your Food!

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent

Although there isn’t a whole bunch of technical terms, the message is very strong and clear through the crazy pictures. You should brush your teeth. This book is full of cuteness and at the same time presents disgusting facts about cavities. The illustration is to die for though. My kiddos love love love these two books.

Book starts out with two cute little children having a dream. They wear a rice astronaut suit and a spoon spaceship and fly into tooth land where food enters, gets chewed into small pieces and then flows down into body land in a pile of saliva. However, some food gets left behind and then gets invaded by cavities aliens. They come and eat the left over food and then poop in your mouth making your mouth smell and then when they invade a lot, your gums bleed and you get black teeth with holes. The pictures are really in your face gross but funny to the children at the same time. Definitely leaves an impression in the children’s minds. My kids never ran away from brushing their teeth so I didn’t know what benefit it has for my kids. However, I found after reading this book, they now brush their teeth after EVERY meal and EVERY sweet snack!!!! It’s a little overkill but hey, at least they’re brushing.

My kids 4 and 6 years old love love love this set of books. The second book is on how you should eat everything in your bowl because it makes you beautiful and tall and who wouldn’t want to be a princess or prince right? ….

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