Book Review: 樂讀123 系列 44本 Happy Reading 123 - 44 Books

Age 4+ with parent or independent

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樂讀123 系列  – Happy Reading 123 Series

This was a set much loved by our Facebook group members! Each book is roughly 3000 characters and if you wanted practice reading, this is a good set to begin after the 1000-1500 character books. It’s great to know more phrases and words after your initial 400-600 characters. I always like to give a book a day for my kids to read and these are an easy pick. Here are the things I like like:

  1. Large text.
  2. Great text to picture ratio of 1-1, which is important for bridge books.
  3. Easy to read and understand.
  4. Colorful pictures.
  5. Variety of stories from different authors so you’re not stuck out of money if your child doesn’t like one author’s style.

I do have to say that not all stories are “exciting” and I think if your child is over six years old, they may even find the stories boring for their maturity level. I would really use these for those in kindergarten to first grade even though the description says it’s up to second grade but actuality, I think it’s really meant for UP TO second grade. I don’t think any second grader would find these stories interesting but I could be wrong.

There’s a newer version starting of this set going book by book and it’s called Fun樂讀. Not sure if I’ll ever buy that set since I have this one and really with this level, 44 books should be enough for you to go on to the next level.

Ammie is a valued member in our facebook group and she’s reviewed and read a story from this set as well.

Ammie’s Review and Video of this Set can be found in our facebook group:


2 responses to “Book Review: 樂讀123 系列 44本 Happy Reading 123 - 44 Books”

  1. […] Some stories are cute, others heart warming, many funny, and some not so crazy about. You get the good with the bad but the majority of it is interesting enough for my kids to finish the books without complaining and there are a lot a lot a lot of great phrases and idioms in there for them to learn through context. Comparing it to 樂讀123, I would say this set is slightly harder so read these after Happy Reading 123. Book Review: 樂讀123 系列 44本 Happy Reading 123 - 44 Books. […]


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