Book Review: 漫畫教科書:數學益智王 套書6本 Smart Math Comics Grades 1-6

Age: 6+ independent, up to 6th grade

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Purchase Links:
漫畫教科書:數學益智王 1 
漫畫教科書:數學益智王 2 
漫畫教科書:數學益智王 3
漫畫教科書:數學益智王 4 
漫畫教科書:數學益智王 5 
漫畫教科書:數學益智王 6 

I was searching for a math set that didn’t involve too much working out of problems because we follow the Singapore Match Curriculum at home How I Taught My Toddlers Math (Ages 2-5) and really don’t want to have extra worksheets to do because we have enough!

I wanted something fun and also introduces math terms and facts by grades. THIS IS WAY HARDER THAN YOU THINK. The stuff I found were either real textbooks with workbooks and dead boring or it was picture books that goes over rudimentary topics. Then I stumbled upon this set!

Why I like this set:

  1. Comics style with a short story per topic of math.
  2. Goes over all the concepts of math from grade one to six.
  3. Has some short problems worked out in each story followed by only 2 pages of problem to work out.
  4. Super colorful and pleasing to the eye.
  5. First two books has all zhuyin and kids can follow along easily.

I will not use this as a formal textbook but for fun reading. If you were to teach math solely from this, I think your child may be in trouble, lol. It doesn’t have enough practice problems and doesn’t go too much into detail. It’s merely outside supplemental reading for math in a fun way and put in comic style format which is perfect for me. My goal was to let them understand the terms in math and once they can relate 1-1 the Chinese terms with the English, they’ll be able to do problems in Chinese if they wanted to later. I don’t expect them to know everything in Chinese but this is a very gentle and very easy way for them to understand the terms in Chinese.

Use this set if you’re like me and just want them to know the terms and not for really teaching a math curriculum.

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