Book Review: 小兵快樂讀本系列 90 本 - Little Soldier Happy Reading 90 Books

Age 5+ independent
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快樂讀本第一輯  Set 1
快樂讀本第二輯  Set 2
快樂讀本第三輯  Set 3

Needed more practice readers? Here you go! 90 Books, all different authors and illustrators. Great variety. There are roughly 3000 characters in each book and they are illustrated simply alternating between black/white and color pages. I like them because it’s a reliable attainable goal to finish a book a day for my kids and it’s good for practice reading once you’re at this level.

You can also aim for doing half a book a day if you’re earlier on.

Some stories are cute, others heart warming, many funny, and some not so crazy about. The majority of it is interesting enough for my kids to finish the books without complaining and there are a lot a lot a lot of great phrases and idioms in there for them to learn through context. Comparing it to 樂讀123, I would say this set is slightly harder so read these after Happy Reading 123. Book Review: 樂讀123 系列 44本 Happy Reading 123 - 44 Books. The idioms inside Little Soldier is “just right” for that first to third grade level. The stories are fit for that first and second grade maturity and maxing out at third grade.

There are three sets so you can buy one set at a time (yay). Each set is 30 books. You can get one set and see how your kids like it and then buy the others if you see that you need more practice reading. I bought all 90 because I love sets that have all different authors and illustrators. It makes the library interesting and they’re all focused on lower elementary level.

What I like about it:

  1. Large text! Yay!
  2. Text is spread apart line after line for easy on the eye reading.
  3. Text to picture ratio is 1-1 perfect for bridge.
  4. 3000 characters. Perfect length to not be intimidating for a first grader leveled reader. I used this to gauge their reading speed progression as well.
  5. Colorful illustrations.
  6. Famous authors! With a good publisher, many famous authors wrote for this set and many of the books have won awards. I like buying books with well known publishers because I know their quality of stories is already at a standard. I don’t need to buy, pre-read and try for my child which is pretty exhausting.
  7. This is crazy but I like how there are 90 different stories with all different authors to choose from daily for my kids to read. No lack of variety of characters and themes. Even illustrators are different.
  8. Idioms just the right level. Similar idioms are used through and through each book nicely solidifying my child’s idiom database without too much effort. Definitions are easily inferred from context. This saves me much energy explaining the first 100-200 commonly used basic idioms as they are repeatedly used.

All in all, you (our facebook group) wanted me to recommend some more easy bridge readers. Here you go! 90 of these plus 44 of the Happy Reading 123 Book Review: 樂讀123 系列 44本 Happy Reading 123 - 44 Books should satisfy your hunger. LOL. Remember to also couple in picture books with these for a break. Cheers.

Update: 11/2019. We used this set quite extensively in learning Chinese. In the beginning, it may have taken my children 30 minutes to finish one book and now they can read one in 10-15 minutes. I like how every book has the same amount of characters so I can gauge the progression in reading speed! My children have finished all 90 books and picked out a few favorites which I will start sharing here:

小兵快樂讀本: 你有多愛我


小兵快樂讀本: 歡喜巫婆之剛好有雜貨店

Here are some inside pages:

New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_1New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_2New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_3New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_4New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_5New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_6New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_7New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_8New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_9New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_10New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_11New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_12New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_13New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_14New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_15New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_16New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_17New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_18New Doc 2019-11-10 08.52.27_19

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