Book Review: 姊弟倆 Big Sister Little Brother

Age: 5+ independent

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姊弟倆 Big Sister Little Brother

This book is part of a set of 40 that I purchased. Yesterday my little one took it out and cracked up big time to a point where I find it worthy to just feature the book by itself. This book talks about the daily lives of an older sister who thinks she knows it all and a little brother who is curious about everything. The first chapter dives into how the they both had some orange soda. The older sister said this is vitamin soda since she saw it on TV that vitamin drinks on TV were also orange and bubbly. Little brother proceeds to go to the bathroom and link the fact that his pee is also orange and bubbly and decides to make his own “soda.” He pees into an empty soda can, fills it up, and puts it in the fridge for fun. His sister sees the can and thinks it’s real soda. Takes it to her brother and said they should share the can. He says she can’t have his “made” soda but doesn’t mention that it’s his pee inside. She gets mad saying he is so selfish and then proceeds to take a LARGE SIP of the soda only to spit it out and then wash her mouth after. This entire book is completely humorous and it’s humor that kids understand. My girl laughed until tears came out, full on coughing, and then couldn’t breathe. I’ve never seen her like that. I hope your children would enjoy this book as much as we did. Cheers!

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