C-Pen 2.0 Flash Cards 識字卡

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C-Pen is actively making curriculum and teaching aids for kids who are learning Chinese. This is their first take at flashcards and as always, this company is a bit nerdy and geeky just the way I like it. Just from looking at their pen, you already know this company gives you a gazillion options on how you want to use your pen. Their flashcards are the same. Here’s what it provides:

  • 400 most frequently used words.
  • Large print of the word itself on one side with a question to ask the child on how to spell the word with phonetics.
  • Phrases on the back so you don’t need to brainstorm on how the word is used.
  • Sentence example on the back.
  • Idiom on the back with the word in it and explanation of the idiom.
  • One word with multiple tone pronunciations will be marked with a symbol “多”.
  • The radical and how many more strokes above the radical the character needs to be written.
  • Last of all, the correct stroke order in order to write the word!
  • Extra blank cards (two types) for you to write on and for your child to practice writing on. There’s also a recording feature on the card (so smart).

Therefore, it gives you LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED to learn about the word! It’s overkill for a toddler but usually I would only use the front word and pronunciation with the child anyway and the back comes when they start writing and when they start learning idioms so I think this set of cards can be used for many years because idioms are hard and writing is hard so it will be saved until the child is older to start with these.

The cards are super high quality, very smooth to the feel and definitely water resistant because it’s got a smooth plastic like coating.

For those with the pen, it’s an easy add on.


2 responses to “C-Pen 2.0 Flash Cards 識字卡”

  1. Is there a list of the words? I bought it but don’t see a list of the 400 words. I want to pick out the cards to teach my toddler but I don’t want to have to search through all 400 every time. Thanks for any feedback!


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