Book Review: 爱悦读: 小豆包系列 (简体桥梁书) – Dumpling Series (Simplified Books)

Age: 5+ independent

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First Set: 小豆包一路奇遇记, 小豆包在学校, 小豆包侦探记, 小豆包的好朋友, 小豆包养宠物,

Second Set: 小豆包遇见童话书, 小豆包与疯狂的食物, 小豆包与奇怪小家具, 小豆包读字典, 小豆包旋转木马

I wanted to thank Meijie CG from our Motherly Notes Facebook Group  for recommending this set to me! We started our journey (finally) of learning simplified and the process has been easier than I thought. This was the perfect set for us because the stories are cute, it’s geared towards first graders in Asia and the words inside are easy to read. My daughters had no trouble guessing their simplified words through the book. Besides a handful of characters they truly could not guess right, reading the first book was smooth sailing for the both of them so I am now calmed down about trying to teach them simplified. I thought it would be a long process but my intuition was that if you knew one really well whether it’s traditional or simplified, it’s not hard acquiring the other on your own. I did it the same way and now my kids just figured it out and without much instruction. With this set, we’re well on our way to reading simplified books! Hooray!

This set is super cute. It’s about a soup dumpling 小包子. I read the first story of the first book and it’s about the adventures of the soup dumpling in this book. The soup dumpling goes on an adventure and the first animal he comes to meet is an elephant who hates his notes. He’s drawn many animal noses and he wants to switch his nose to another animal’s nose. He said the witch in the forest can help him forever change his nose to some other nose. The elephants hates his long nose. However, in the end when the elephant can catch a baby bird from a tree thereby saving it’s life, both 小包子 and the elephant realized his nose was pretty great. It’s a cute story and very whimsical. We can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

There are two sets that I found. Each set has five books. Titles are listed above. Since it’s almost 11-11, if you’d like to put it in your cart, it would be a good set if you have children in lower elementary. Thanks Meijie for her recommendation!!!

I have recorded the book I read page by page!!! The files are shared in our announcements post under C-Pen for you to download to your pen and use. Cheers!

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