Book Review: 好忙好忙的耶誕老公公 – The Very Busy Santa

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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好忙好忙的耶誕老公公  The Very Busy Santa

This is a cute book about what Santa Claus does on a monthly basis. Children can learn the months of the year, how it correlates to weather, some holidays and the most interesting is what Santa Claus is doing. The theory in the book is that there are “many” Santas in this world, tall, short, fat, skinny, and all different races. Therefore, it kind of answers the children’s questions of why Santa always looks different in all books and even in all “malls”… lol. It teaches children the months of the year, seasons, and how Santa Claus prepares for Christmas and how they “spot out the good children.” It remind children that they need to be good. It also shows how Santa is so well put together cleaning up their suits, polishing reindeer bells, etc. This book has a lot of characters and is nice for children who know zhuyin to read themselves as a semi bridge book. It has some silliness to yet but yet it’s still heart warming in it’s own way. My kids like the parts where they see Santa needs to watch their weight and how they also go sun bathing with dolphins, etc.

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