Book Review: 寫信給耶誕老公公 : My Penpal, Santa

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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寫信給耶誕老公公 – My Penpal, Santa 

This isn’t a book about adventures of Santa but a book about a little girl who writes to Santa monthly. You’ll get a feel for holidays that occur in the year and you get to witness the growth of a 6 year old girl in the book. It’s very very sweet and heart warming. There’s a little girl who writes to Santa about her questions and issues about Christmas as well as other topics like tooth fairy and other “mysteries” of other holidays. Santa Clause in this book actually writes back. You see their letters back and forth every month.

It teaches about the different months of the year, different holidays in different months, as well as the little girl’s life and her brother who tells her all those holiday stories are fake, etc. Many children love reading about other children’s lives and since the letters are written in the perspective of the six year old girl, it makes it interesting. The best audience would be that kindergartner going through the same thing : moving up to elementary, losing teeth, have an annoying sibling, etc. This is a nice cozy book to read together with your child during this very happy season. There are many characters on a page so it can be used as a nice bridge book for those children who already know zhuyin. Cheers!

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