C-Pen 2.0 百科掛圖 – C-Pen 2.0 Encyclopedic Picture Boards

CPEN boards_1

I received C-Pen’s NEW product recently and have been holding off a review until I’ve played with it a little. Uh WOW. First of all, my daughters flipped through every page with 尖叫聲 because it’s well….


Even my very ungirly girls like Hello Kitty… so… this was a hit. There were a few terms they didn’t know in here like more of the medical terms and terms for like tsunami, etc. Things that we don’t use everyday at home. Other items we know already but because the photos are so nicely big and colorful, they enjoyed flipping through these. Here’s a video: 

I suggest you use these with small toddlers who need photos to be big and who are still learning nouns and terms and the photos make a lot of sense to them. Treat this like a flip flashcard/ dictionary/ play thing? The sheer size of it makes it just pleasing to the eye and very interesting.

Here’s the thing:

  • Every book is compatible with the reading pen.
  • Every word is read through the reading pen, even the table of contents.
  • They made sure it’s read in both English and Chinese.
  • The English and Chinese pronunciations are spot on accurate.
  • Every book has about 200 phrases that you can learn and 20 pages total.

There are four topics and all four very much familiar with toddlers from age 2-5.

  1. 通識小博士 – General Knowledge (How to read hello, bye, other things you say, etc.)
  2. 小小醫生 – Little Doctor (Parts of the body, visiting doctors, etc.)
  3. 小小探險家 – Adventure Series (Weather, Rainbows, etc. )
  4. 神奇大厨 – Magical Chef (Food related, etc.)

In the video, you’ll see examples of the pages. It’s sold in Taiwan for about 590NT (roughly $20 USD) but I’m not sure what shipping would cost. For the size and quality, I think it’s pretty reasonable. Each picture is at least a flashcard size of about 4″ x 5″ so it’s easy for kids to see. I’ve been repeatedly impressed with the quality of the materials this company provides, the fast production of learning aids, and that they take the time to make sure “each” word reads! This is so important for learning the language with the right pronunciation!

Those with boys, don’t be sad, the inside doesn’t have as much Kitty and is pretty gender neutral, lol.

Here are some of the inside photos:

CPEN boards_2CPEN boards_3CPEN boards_4CPEN boards_5CPEN boards_6CPEN boards_7CPEN boards_8CPEN boards_9CPEN boards_10CPEN boards_11CPEN boards_12

2 responses to “C-Pen 2.0 百科掛圖 – C-Pen 2.0 Encyclopedic Picture Boards”

    • cpen is any language you record in there but pre-recorded audio depends on what the company originally recorded it as. for the picture board, the version I had was mandarin but maybe they have a cantonese version out now… I’m not sure.


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