Book Review: 還要睡幾個晚上才到聖誕節? How Many Sleeps Till Christmas?

Age: 2+ with parent, 5+ independent
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還要睡幾個晚上才到聖誕節? – How Many Sleeps Till Christmas

This is a story about a little bear who can’t wait til Christmas and wakes up Papa bear every morning for the four nights before Christmas. Every day they have a task to do before Christmas actually starts. They have to find a tree, wrap gifts, build a snowman, write cards, etc. After all this is done, then Christmas comes. Super duper cute illustrations and very heart warming. Lots of repeated words for your child to read on their on some pages so it can be a perfect cooperative reading book.

sleeps till christmas_2sleeps till christmas_3sleeps till christmas_4sleeps till christmas_5sleeps till christmas_6sleeps till christmas_7sleeps till christmas_1


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