CiPu 喜舖 Kids Ergonomic Backpack (3 in 1) – It’s like Tumi for Kids!


Here’s my introduction video:

I recently started using this backpack for my older child (6 years old) and she just absolutely loves it! The straps and back are researched and designed to be ergonomic for kids so it redistributes the weight for the child and they don’t feel any pressure points even after long hours of wearing the backpack.DSC04874

Here are it’s features:DSC04893

  • A million pockets to pack anything you want!
  • Laptop sleeve.
  • Stretchy band inside or organization.
  • Extra sleeve inside if you had extra iPad for older kids.


  • Water bottle sleeve that’s zipped in! This is accessible from both outside and inside the backpack. DSC04876









  • Extra pouch that zips on the front of the backpack for extra storage.


  • Extra whole other bag for your lunch/ after school class items/ indoor shoes/ gym clothes/ etc. It has removable handles and is extremely light.

I like this bag because it can be used for many many many many uses!!!! I say it’s three in one because it’s:

  1. Backpack
  2. Luggage
  3. +Extra Bag for gym/art/lunch/shoes/toys or whatever it is that you need.
  4. (hidden 4th feature – use as a dolly for the kids to drag stuff along like a toy or I’ve actually used it once to move a box of books around the house)

I buy luggage every year because kids luggage always BREAKS! We’ve had also those Melissa and Doug Wheelies where you can sit on them… those things don’t “roll” nicely and I end up “carrying” it because the kids find it too cumbersome to drag it along themselves and people always running into those luggage when my kids are dragging it behind them. It’s so annoying! For CiPu, they created it like an adult carry on where it’s 4 moving wheels underneath in SUPER HIGH QUALITY.


When you roll it, it’s “quiet” and “smooth”… can you imagine that for a kids luggage??? I also love the fact that I don’t have to use it on a daily basis and really don’t like those backpack wheelers that people sell because you really don’t end up using it like a backpack! It’s too heavy as a backpack. However, with CiPu, you either use it like a backpack (very light) or you use it as a luggage where you can pack in more heavy items. When you’re not using the wheels, those wheels serve as a dolly toy to my girls, lol. An added plus? The height is adjustable! They really didn’t skimp on the details for the kids.


Here’s a video on the rolling feature!

The design of the straps is great since adjustments can be made right on top. If you’re walking with your child and they need an adjustment, you just simply pull up on the straps to make the straps shorter/longer. It’s really convenient.



There’s a lot of other features that I’ll show in the video such as places to stick their jackets, etc. Where can you get this crazy good backpack that’s been selling like hotcakes in Asia????

Yobaby Shop:

There are other amazing colors like heathered gray, heathered blue/denim, and our girls’ favorite heathered pink. I like the heathered colors because let’s face it, they can use it when they get older and it won’t look “baby”… my kids now are into the non-baby looking stuff but yet still looks striking for kids.

Sales occurs sporadically in our group!

Here are the videos of my girls wearing the backpack.



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